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Eye Care

Some easy tips to keep your eyes in the best possible condition

1. Have regular eye checks. We recommend every 2 years or sooner if you have known problems with your eyes. Contact lens wearers need more regular checkups, we recommend every 12 months. Early detection of eye problems or changes in your vision will help slow down or prevent deterioration.

2. Wear Sunglasses. It has been proven that UV rays can seriously damage yours eyes so when choosing sunglasses make sure they block out at least 98% of UV radiation. Don’t be fooled into thinking just because it’s a cloudy day you don’t need to wear sunglasses. Clouds don’t block UV rays! Lighter shaded sunglasses can be just as good at UV blockage as darker ones and are perfect for overcast days. Remember also that contact lens wearers also need to wear sunglasses.

3. Eat well. No food will be harmful to your vision and a healthy diet won’t restore eyesight that is already lost, but the right vitamins and minerals can definitely slow down the process of disease or prevent one from starting, such as Macular Degeneration or Cataracts. Vitamin C, A and E and folic acid, as well as Lutein (found in green leafy vegetables) are all beneficial to the health of your eyes.

4. Use the right lighting. Reading or using the computer in poor light can cause eyestrain, so to of light which is too bright.

5. Give your eyes a rest. With so many of us based at our computers for hours on end day in day out, it’s no wonder we feel discomfort in our eyes after peering at the screens for so long. It’s important to close your eyes from time to time for a short period, or look away at an object in the distance so your eyes refocus regularly. It will take a while for this to become habit, but you will notice less eye strain at the end of the day.

6. Take care of your lenses. Glasses need to be cleaned regularly and if scratched they need to be replaced, otherwise your eyes will strain to see through them. If you wear contact lenses you need to strictly follow a cleaning routine with them to prevent bacteria or infections from growing or spreading. If you wear contact lenses but don’t know how to care for your lenses or store them correctly please contact us immediately. You also need to ensure you wear them only for as long as they are designed for. (i.e. daily lenses, replace after each wear, monthly lenses replace after 30 wears etc)