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A wide range of Optometry Services

Contact Lenses

Daily and Monthly, Multifocal, Astigmatism Specialty Lenses, overnight Ortho K, hard and soft lenses, scleral.

Myopia Control

We can offer options to slow down or stop the progression of your or your child’s short-sightedness.

Preventing Vision Loss

Avoidable Vision loss is most commonly due to missing a routine eye test. Book your Comprehensive Eye test now.

Eye Tests

Needing new glasses, contact lenses or general eye care? Talk to Philip Milford Optometrists to discuss your options.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry, gritty, sandy eyes are debilitating and can lead to permanent vision loss. We can offer treatment options

Eye Health

Macula Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetic Eye Disease, Keratoconus. Whatever your eye condition, we test and advise on your best options

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Dr. Christopher Kawecki

BSc BScOptom OAA PGCOT (Optometrist)

Christopher graduated with BSc from University of Adelaide majoring in pharmacology, and pursued optometry as an extension of his interest in visual sciences graduating with BSc Optom from University of NSW in 1998.

Since then Christopher attained further post graduate accreditation in use of therapeutics, PGCOT, from University of NSW in the setting of eye disease management. Christopher enjoys working in various scenarios spanning from anterior eye disease through to posterior segment eye disease management.

Christopher’s interests also encompass novelty pharmacological agents in eye disease management, developmental visual sciences in the area of developmental reading learning problems encountered in children, binocular visual disorders and vision training. Chris is a member of OAA, Australian Association of Optometrists.

Alex Law

Optometrist BScOptom

Alex obtained his Bachelor of Optometry degree from University of New South Wales in 2006.

After graduation, Alex had had two years overseas working experience in Hong Kong. Since then, he decided to move to Adelaide with his wife in 2009.

Alex has a special interest in using particular glasses or soft contact lenses to control myopia progression. Alex also provides optimal treatment on dry eyes and blepharitis issues on routine daily basis. He always emphasises on wearing sunglasses to slow down the progression of cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye conditions that caused by sun damage. Alex believes being patient, empathic and having effective communication is very important elements of a good optometrist.

Philip Milford

Optometrist BScOptom

Philip graduated in Optometry at the University of Melbourne in 1986 and is Therapeutically endorsed to prescribe Schedule 4 TGA controlled eye drops.

Philip is a member of Optometry Australia, the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia and the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania. Philip is a past president of the Contact Lens Society (SA chapter). Philip continues to have a strong interest in maintaining his patients healthy eye sight and avoiding unnecessary vision loss. A large part of his day is spent fitting all types of contact lenses.

Ortho K Practitioner – Philip is a highly experienced and skilled Ortho K practitioner; he has been fitting and providing ongoing care to a large number of patients for more than 15 years.

As the founding owner of Philip Milford and Associates, he practices at all three branches. 

Philip has a personal interest in remaining fit and healthy through bush walking, cycling, gardening, tennis, yoga and meditation. 

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